Hasbro releasing new Monopoly Pizza board game

Pizza lovers can now unite over game night. Hasbro is releasing a new twist on its classic Monopoly board game — Monopoly Pizza.

Source: Hasbro

You heard right! It’s a tasty twist on the classic board game that’s sure to leave you ordering real slices of pizza after every game, PopSugar reports.

Now that you’re all in, here’s a gist of how to play.

Rather than buying property, players buy pizza advancing around the board and snatching up as many types of pizza as they can. Choose from pepperoni and spinach to mac and cheese and pineapple pizzas. At the end of the game, whoever collects the most slices is crowned victorious.

Source: Hasbro

But don’t look for the iconic thimble or top hat in this game. All of the game pieces are pizza-themed, with shiny silver tokens shaped like a chef, cheese grater, pie slicer, and more.

Thinking of your favorite slice now? Okay great because we all are!

Source: Hasbro

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Monopoly Pizza is a family game for kids 8 and up.

Real pizza lovers will really enjoy the details about the game as it comes packaged in a takeout box that looks like the real deal — minus the pizza grease.

Pre-order yours now on Amazon and Walmart for about $20.

So, who’s making it a pizza on pizza night?