Heinz introduces new ‘Kranch’ dipping sauce that combines ketchup and ranch

We all have a go-to dipping sauce while eating at a restaurant, whether it’s ketchup, barbecue sauce or ranch. Well, Heinz might be on to something next level with a new product that blends some of your favs.

Introducing “Kranch” — it’s a mashup of ketchup and ranch, which is coming to a store shelf near you this April, according to Bustle.

Source: Kraft Heinz Company

If you love ketchup and ranch, then you might want to grab a hold of this new dipping sauce for your next meal. The mashup is part of the most recent release in a line of distinctive condiment combinations.

In 2018, Heinz released Mayochup (mayonnaise and ketchup), along with Mayomust (mayonnaise and mustard) and Mayocue (mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and a special blend of spices) earlier in 2019.

Mayocue, Mayomust and Kranch all started rolling out at major retailers around the country this month at a suggested retail price of $3.49, Bustle reports.

All sauces sound delicious, but we’re pretty sure Mayocue is going to be a big hit at all cookouts this summer. Yum, we’re already drooling.

All the sauces come in 16.5-ounce squeeze bottles, so they’ll be plenty to go around.

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Source: Kraft Heinz Company

It appears that Heinz fans and customers were adamant about wanting to see more condiment combinations come to life. The condiment giant was more than ready to deliver when it began creating the line of products.

Sure, you might already have a favorite go-to sauce, but this one is worth a try, too.

It might even change your life, like something you never knew you needed. So, slide by your local supermarket, and throw “Kranch” in your basket.