Here’s a list of cute king cake treats to take to the parade route

From cocktails to sno-balls, many people just can’t get enough of king cake flavors during Carnival season. Here are some great king cake-inspired treats we found around the area that are unique twists on the traditional treat.

These cute, handheld king cake treats are also perfect to travel with you to the parade route.

Ooey Gooey King Cake

The fact that a king cake version of ooey gooey cake exists is genius. Where have you been all our lives? Haydel’s Bake Shop is one local shop with these bite-sized squares. The cinnamon-flavored treat comes topped with purple, green and gold sugar, just like a king cake.

King Cake Ice Cream Sandwich

Get into this king cake ice cream sandwich from Beth Biundo Sweets. This cute ice cream sandwich combines vanilla bean ice cream in between to layers of king cake cookie. These Mardi Gras-themed treats are available throughout the Carnival season.

Local pastry chef Beth Biundo makes a variety of sweets focused on great flavor combinations, texture and freshness at her Baronne Street shop. Many of the items include creative New Orleans-themed treats, like beautiful glitter cookie masks that are perfect for your next Mardi Gras party or Carnival ball.

King Cake on a Stick

King cake on a stick offers a convenient and less messy way to snack on the Carnival treat. The popular item from Sugar Love Cakes Bakery in Slidell quickly became a sought-after alternative to the traditional king cake.

Before the hype, the bakery’s owner says she came up with the idea to sell the skewered treat at parades. The downsized king cake treat is dusted with purple, green and gold sugar and a swirl of icing. King cake on a stick even comes with a baby.

King Cake Daiquiri

Mid-City barbecue joint Blue Oak BBQ offers up a spirited King Cake Daiquiri to celebrate the season. The restaurant has featured the shake-like drink on the menu since Kings’ Day. The creamy daiquiri is made with blended king cake and even topped with a slice of king cake.

If you can’t make it to Blue Oak BBQ, New Orleans Original Daiquiris usually sells a king cake version, too.

Posted by Blue Oak BBQ on Thursday, December 20, 2018


Haydel’s Hand Pies

Remember those Hubig’s Pies that ain’t dere no more? Well, Haydel’s Bakery filled the hole left in New Orleanians’ hearts with their hand pies years ago. However, the popular bakery gives the handheld treats a Carnival twist just in time for parades.

Spruced up our hand pies with a little festive decoration! Apple filled, of course! 😋⚜

Posted by Haydel's Bake Shop on Monday, February 4, 2019

King Cake Ice Cream

Blue Bell fans lost their minds when the company announced it was re-releasing their king cake flavor nationwide, just in time for the Carnival season. Blue Bell says this flavor was a hit last year in select areas, which is why they released it to more locations this year. The ice cream is a cinnamon cake flavor with tasty pastry pieces, a colorful green cream cheese swirl, and festive candy sprinkles. This flavor is only available in the half gallon size for a limited time.

Some local ice cream shops also hopped on the king cake flavor trend. Some places include Hoodoo Ice Cream in Covington, Creole Creamery on Prytania Street, Just Delights at Pythian Market and Quintin’s Natural Ice Cream known for the sugar baby inside.

Pour Me Something Mister Sno-ball

You don’t have to wait until sno-ball season for these cool, Carnival-themed treats. The year-round sno-ball spot, Sno-la Snoball Lounge, parades their festive cheesecake stuffed sno-balls with  Mardi Gras flavors.

Their Pour Me Something Mister sno-ball plays on Carnival colors and flavors that resemble a king cake. The creation combines king cake cream flavor, bananas foster cream flavor and the seasonal Mardi Gras green. Then, the mixture is stuffed with their original cheesecake filling and topped with condensed milk.

If you’re looking for more, the spot also serves a Fat Tuesday sno-ball that tastes like the traditional Mardi Gras king cake.

Mardi Gras Macarons

Sucre pays tribute to the season’s token dessert with festive Mardi Gras Macarons. These sweet treats, dressed in traditional Carnival colors, are made with a blend of ivory and chocolate cinnamon ganache and a rich dense cream cheese. Aren’t these just perfect for snacking on the parade route or a treat at a Mardi Gras party?

The sweet boutique also has seasonal Carnival chocolates in three delicious flavors.

King Cake Salty Balls

The Bakery Bar takes a round, moist, bit-sized piece of snickerdoodle cake, covers it in icing and sprinkles it with purple, green and gold sugar. The challenge here is to only eat one!

Bakery Bar has gone Carnival crazy with treats this season with items like king cake beignets, King Cake Dobites and Bourbon Praline King Cake Doberge by-the-slice.

King Cake Cocktails

Grab a to-go cup for a king cake cocktail. Reginelli’s Pizzeria debuted a version this year that’s creamy, cinnamon, king-cake flavored.

Bourbon House also brought back its King Cake Bevvy this year. The Carnival-themed cocktail, a spin-off from Bourbon House’s famed Bourbon Milk Punch, features rum instead of bourbon and a dusting of purple, green, and gold sprinkles to the top of the drink.

Bakery Bar wants you to have your king cake and drink it, too. The King Cake Alexander looks to die for. It’s a creamy rye whiskey cocktail with cinnamon and vanilla flavors.

"It has been said that a Scotchman has not seen the world until he has seen Edinburgh; and I think that I may say that…

Posted by Reginelli's Pizzeria on Friday, February 15, 2019

King Cake Milkshakes

Minds were blown last Carnival with Frey Smoked Meat’s decadent king cake milkshake. This Carnival-themed cup of goodness puts the best of king cake in a shake. It even comes laced with a slice of the James Beard Award-winning Dong Phuong king cake.

Salon by Sucre also has a version with king cake gelato. The glass is glazed with a swirl of caramel sauce and crushed purple green and gold macrons. Then, the shake is topped with whipped cream and sprinkles and a slice of king cake. They’ll even let you turn it into an adult milkshake with Jameson.

King Cake Rolled Ice Cream

Ice cream plus king cake equals the best of both worlds. Freezy Street‘s king cake ice cream is back to make king cake fantasies come true. Homemade fresh vanilla ice cream gets combined with king cake pieces to make the rolled ice cream treat. Then the treat gets topped with a big chunk of king cake, sprinkles, whipped cream or whatever toppings your tummy desires.

Looking for more king cake? See a dozen king cake hot spots to get your fill this Carnival.