Here’s the ‘most interesting’ thing Louisiana is Googling during the pandemic

Source: Zippia

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably found yourself with more free time on your hands than ever before – thanks in no small part to a global pandemic that’s put the world on pause and kept us all indoors.

And with that free time, and perhaps in an attempt to learn something new, you’ve taken to looking up random things on the internet.

Don’t worry. This is a judgment-free zone. And in fact, you’re not alone.

Career resources website Zippia recently used Google Trends to determine the most interesting thing each state has Googled more than any other during the quarantine. Of course, “most interesting” is subjective, but some of these results are out there¬†to say the least.

Source: Zippia

Louisiana has used the past few months to ask the hard-hitting question of, “How often should you wash your hair?”

In my opinion, it’s not the best question being googled across the states, but I’m happy to hear we are learning about hair maintenance.

What’s everyone else searching?

Here’s a look at other states around the country.

  • Tennessee loves Cracker Barrel (honestly, who doesn’t?). But it appears as though folks in the volunteer state feel like something is missing from the menu as they’ve googled “Cracker Barrel Alcohol” more than anyone else.

  • New Mexico has started “day drinking.” Colorado is looking up “how to stop drinking.”

  • A few states have used their free time for a little DIY – New Hampshire is looking to build a patio, while their neighbors in Maine are searching for ways to build a chicken coop.

  • Oklahoma loves chicken nuggets. Arkansas loves Little Debbie’s. Mississippi loves vodka pops.

  • Pennsylvania has spent the majority of the pandemic murdering plants, and now they’re on the hunt for answers.

  • Utah is worried about a “Dr. Pepper shortage” and quite frankly, we should all share their fear.

  • And lastly, either Missouri has used their time to catch up on Breaking Bad or they’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of Walter White and create a drug empire. They just need the recipe for meth first. Maybe we should check on them?

There you have it, folks. Fifty of the most bizarre Google searches since the pandemic began.

What was your favorite? Or better yet, what have you used your free time doing? Be sure to let us know!

And to read more on how this list was created, head on over to Zippia to find out how it was done.