Hidden Valley pushes for ranch-flavored Pop-Tarts in the internet’s latest debate

We’ve known ranch dressing to pair really well with food like salad, celery and chicken wings, among others. But, Hidden Valley Ranch wants to take a shot at Ranch Dressing Pop-Tarts.

The idea came from a tweet by Kyle Heroff of St. Paul, MN when he requested a partnership between Hidden Valley Ranch and Pop-Tarts.

Hidden Valley responded, “Hey @PopTartsUS – let’s have some fun and give the people what they want.” The response sparked some mixed reviews on social media.

One user said, “Thank you for shooting this down immediately. Y’all are national heroes.”

Another, who was all for it said, “Make it happen chief.” Other users took shots at making their own flavors hoping Pop Tarts will notice.

But when it comes down to if this will actually happen, the chances look very slim. Pop-Tarts cut no corners with a response, replying “lol no.”

However, fans of the idea are still not taking no for an answer. Only time will tell if we’ll see Ranch Dressing Pop Tarts on store shelves soon.