Hooters giving away free wings to singles on Valentine’s Day

Being single isn’t so bad, especially if you can get free food. Hooters is offering free wings to singles on Valentine’s Day for its annual “Shred Your Ex” event.

Source: Hooters

If you buy 10 wings and rip up a photo of your ex, you’ll land 10 boneless wings for free. You can also “Shred ‘Em and Forget ‘Em” online and you’ll receive a digital coupon to order some wings and take it back to your empty house. Though if you do it at a restaurant, the pictures go into a shredder. And we love shredders!

Source: Hooters/Instagram

The Hooters location at 4748 Veterans Boulevard in Metairie will be participating in the event.

You’re allowed to shred as many exes as you want, though you’ll still get only 10 free wings. You won’t get 10 for every time you’re heart has been broken. But – we sure do love the shredding sound. So, find those pictures and let’s get ready to shred!

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Cheers to happy hour!

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Cheers to being single!