Hosting a Mardi Gras party? Here’s your food and drink checklist

Hosting a Mardi Gras party or planning to contribute? Here are some great picks for food and drinks to serve your guests along the parade route.

King Cake

King cake is probably the star of any Mardi Gras party. Many king cake lovers stick to traditional favorites like Manny Randazzo’s or Haydel’s Bakery. However, from savory to even vegan options, local bakeries are launching new, exciting creations that put an interesting spin on the Carnival dessert. Here’s a list of creative king cakes to check out.

fried chicken

Fried Chicken

It’s not a party without fried chicken. From the crunchy-battered chicken at Popeyes to the Chinese-spiced wings at Manchu, fried chicken is the ultimate go-to for any gathering. If you’re planning to fry chicken for your party, we went straight to the experts at Willie Mae’s Scotch House for some tips. If you don’t have time to fry, you can’t go wrong with this list of great places to buy around the city.


One of the perks of New Orleans living –BYOB everywhere. Beer cans are probably the easiest booze for packing and storing when heading to the parade route. If you’re worried about the calories that come with beer drinking, Dixie Light offers a great 91-calorie option. Dixie Light is brewed to provide beer drinkers the great, crisp taste of the original Dixie Lager, and fewer calories than other light beers. Plus, don’t forget your ice chest to keep them cold.


When there’s a party full of mouths to feed, jambalaya makes a good food pick. It is an easy dish to cook in bulk for a large group. Whip it up! Put it in a crock pot and feed the masses.

Mini Muffulettas

Easy mini muffulettas are a quick and cute item to prep for your party. It’s also a more flavorful option instead of the traditional finger sandwich. This recipe we found at only takes 15 minutes to prepare.

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A mouth-watering po-boy is another top food item for a parade party. You can even cut up 12″ po-boys into bite-sized portions for your guests to enjoy. Here’s a list of popular po-boy shops around town that are worth every calorie.

Beignets or Donuts

If you’re heading to an early morning parade, you may want to wake up your appetite with beignets or donuts. We’re pretty sure your guests won’t be able to pass on indulging.


You’ll see many ice chests when you’re headed to the route. One important item to keep in there is water. Most parades take a few hours from start to finish, so make sure to stay hydrated for all of the fun.

Frozen Daiquiris

Daiquiris are another parade route favorite, and buying a gallon makes it even easier to spread the love. Some daiquiri vendors even offer delivery along the parade route.


You’re not going to want to leave your spot once you get there. Do you and your company a favor and pack some quick snacks like granola bars, carrot sticks, nuts or chips and dip to stay hunger-free during the parades. Plus, easy finger snacks keep hungry kids at bay.

Juice and Sodas

Part of throwing a party is keeping all of your guests satisfied right? Keep juice and soda on hand for those kids at your party or for those not interested in alcoholic beverages.

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