How to Pick Your Own Strawberries

To get the most awesome flavor in strawberries, you'll want to pick them yourself.

It’s strawberry season! The owner Mark Daniel of Mark’s Melon Patch walks us through the easy 4-step process of picking out the succulent fruity delights.

Step 1: Hygiene first

Wash your hands before you scavenge through the U-pick strawberry field. It will keep your selection uncontaminated and will most importantly prevent germs from spreading for the customers behind you.

Step 2: Grab a bucket and get to work

“To get the most awesome flavor you want to come pick it yourself.”

It may take a bit more work, but Mark advises you get into the field and pick the berries at their peak instead of buying prepackaged berries from the store that lack in freshness.

Step 3: Red means go!

“The redder it is, the sweeter it’ll be.”

If you see green, stay away. The strawberries won’t get any sweeter once they are picked, so go for the berries that shine like a stop light for the best taste.

Step 4: The easy part

Once your bucket is filled to the brim, it’s time to head the cash register.

From there you weigh, pay and then go home to slay your hand-picked treats.

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