Is a new crawfish season staple clawing its way out of Zimmer’s Seafood?

The seafood hub's marinated crawfish salad is in high demand.

Seafood lovers can taste test another way to eat boiled crawfish: Try it Italian-style.

Zimmer’s Seafood has been dishing out a marinated Italian crawfish salad, and the neighborhood seafood market says the “very addictive” creation is in constant demand.

The cold crawfish salad is a spin-off of a Zimmer’s staple, marinated crab salad. The seafood dish marries crawfish with an Italian dressing base, garlic and herbs.

“You get the flavor on the outside from the marinade, and you get the taste of the crawfish from the boil,” kitchen cook Adam Wortmann said.

Zimmer’s kitchen cook Adam Wortmann says he usually frowns upon drenching the outside of crawfish with seasoning, but this combinations works.

“You get the flavor on the outside from the marinade, and you get the taste of the crawfish from the boil,” Wortmann said.

Fallout from the┬áLouisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries imposing a two-month crab ban during Spring 2018, prompted Zimmer’s to switch out the crab for crawfish.

“So, we decided to do it with the crawfish, and it was a huge hit,” Wortmann said.

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Over the years, several non-traditional crawfish boil trends have popped up from the kitchen sink of interesting add-ins to the Viet-Cajun craze that clawed its way into the New Orleans area.

In the video above, Wortmann whips up a batch of the marinated crawfish salad.

This dish tosses boiled crawfish in a coating of Italian dressing, lemon, olive oil, vinegar, parsley, chunks of celery, garlic powder and other family secret ingredients.

After the ingredients are fully incorporated, the cooks cover the mixture with saran wrap and store it in the refrigerator. The crawfish salad marinates overnight, until it’s ready to serve the next morning.

“Wear a bib when you eat it because with the Italian on the outside and the juice from the crawfish, it’s going to make a little bit of a mess,” Wortmann said.

Marinated crawfish salad is a seasonal specialty at Zimmer’s Seafood and costs $8 for a pint and $16 per quart.

Over the years, the Gentilly seafood hub has clawed its way to landmark status. The neighborhood institution has served customers for nearly 40 years, while gaining one of the best reputations for seafood.

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