Is This The Creepiest Hiking Trail in America?

Ever feel like you're being watched?

You know you’re in for something interesting when the name alone is enough to make you shiver.

Doll’s Head Trail is a winding 1.5-mile trek through Constitution Lake Park in Atlanta, Georgia. And the trail’s “decorations” are enough to make Sid from Toy Story blush.

Throughout the trail, tucked among the brush and nailed to trees, are broken and discarded toys. A legless, one-eyed doll sitting at a child’s computer greets hikers entering the trail. A single doll’s arm hangs from a dirt-stained pink scooter. A sun-bleached Elmo is outnumbered by a wealth of nightmarish doll heads.

Signs instruct hikers to follow fishing lures attached to trees in order to not get lost.

But there is a method behind this madness.

Doll’s Head Trail is the brainchild of Joel Slaton, who wanted to put the trash and rubble found inside the nature preserve to good use. Instead of throwing the forgotten toys and cracked tiles in the garbage, they could be transformed into eerie works of art.

The discarded toys, household objects, and items are positioned into mini art installations. Some works speak for themselves, while others include thoughtful quotes written in permanent marker to drive the point home.

The best part? Guests are invited to create their own creative works of art, but they must follow one simple rule: The items must be found inside the park.

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