Jamie Foxx spotted preparing to hunt zombies at Scout Island Scream Park

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx and a group of 20 friends braved City Park’s Scout Island Scream Park, according to a City Park representative. Scout Island Scream Park also posted a video featuring the actor via Instagram.

According to Amanda Frentz, assistant director of public relations for New Orleans City Park, Foxx brought along another celebrity, actor Joseph Gordon Levitt.

In the Instagram video, the actor can be seen gearing up to hunt down zombies at the park’s Zombie Outbreak Battlefield attraction.

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Foxx gave a shout out to Scout Island Scream Park in the Instagram video clip. New Orleans City Park chief operating officer Rob DeViney was also seen in the video seeming to be all smiles while standing next to the celebrity.

Frentz said they were aware of the actor’s arrival at the Halloween attraction.

“We often times have VIPs that come through our park. We knew ahead of time that he was bringing guests, so we told our performers we had a VIP group but didn’t tell them who,” Frentz said.

According to Frentz, Foxx and his friends were gracious guests. He stopped to take selfies with everyone,and turned the park’s end-of-the-night stage into a dance floor.

“He danced with everyone! It didn’t matter if you were a one-year-old or a 100-year-old, he was in a great mood and turned the entire floor into a massive dance party,” Frentz said.

However, it was the zombie lazer-tag that Foxx enjoyed the most, Frentz said.

Scout Island’s Zombie Outbreak Battlefield haunted attraction puts a scary spin on lazer tag. Guests hunt down zombies with lazer tag-style guns along a playing field designed like a military base.

“He really honed in on his acting skills for that haunt!” Frentz said.

Guests who still want to visit Scout Island Scream Park only have a few more days to experience the fright festival. Frentz said, currently, there is no celebrity scheduled to walk through, but that anything could happen.

For now, she is grateful with the impact Foxx’s visit made to the park.

“It is quite a big deal. I think especially with this being the first year of the event it means we did something right. People enjoy the event and want to come out,” Frentz said.

City Park debuted Scout Island Scream Park this Halloween season. The new fright festival transformed 14 acres of Scout Island into a free-roaming land of terror.

Chief operating officer Rob DeViney said he hopes Scout Island Scream Park will become the Celebration of Oaks of Halloween. The park teamed up Jeff Borne, owner of the Mortuary Haunted Mansion to create the haunting experience.

For more information about Scout Island Scream Fest, visit the website.