Jazz Fest 2018: Here’s what to know before you go

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2018 kicks off on Friday, April 27. Thousands of music lovers will flock to the Fair Grounds for Jazz Fest.

Jazz Fest 2018 kicks off its first weekend on Friday, April 27 to Sunday, April 29, and the two-weekend festival continues on Thursday, May 3 through Sunday, May 6. Thousands of music lovers will head to the Fair Grounds for what’s considered one of the city’s most world-renowned events.

Festival organizers release all the key information you need to know to help enjoy the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival regarding tickets, gate entry, transportation and services for people with disabilities.

Ticket Information

Advanced general admission tickets: $70 (until the start of each weekend)

Gate price tickets: $80

Children’s tickets: $5 (Ages 2-10 and at the gate only)

Tickets and other ticket information is available at www.nojazzfest.com

‘Locals Thursday’ tickets: $50 (purchased at the gate and certain restrictions apply, visit www.nojazzfest.com for more information.

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Gate Entry Information

Metal detectors will be in use at all gates. All bags will be searched, and all vehicles are subject to search.  To expedite admission, please follow the simple instructions of security guards and NOPD during the entry process. A list of Jazz Fest rules, regulations and prohibitions are available here.

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Transportation Information

Jazz Fest Express: Roundtrip air-conditioned transportation to and from the Fair Grounds.
All shuttles begin operating at 10:30 a.m. (gates open at 11:00 a.m.) and will operate until all patrons have been transported from the Fair Grounds.

Jazz Fest Express Downtown Departure Locations: Steamboat Natchez Dock (Toulouse St. at the Mississippi River) & Sheraton Hotel (500 Canal Street).

  • Roundtrip Shuttle Only: $20 per person
  • Admission & Roundtrip Shuttle: $100 per person

Jazz Fest Express City Park Location

Wisner Blvd. Lot – (includes parking) – “5700 Wisner Blvd.” on Google Maps

  • Roundtrip Shuttle Only: $15 per person
  • Admission & Roundtrip Shuttle: $95 per person

Jazz Fest Express and advanced-priced Jazz Fest admission tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

Taxis & Ride-Hailing App Information

Taxis are a convenient way to get to and from Jazz Fest.  Taxi stands are located near the pedestrian entrances and exits at Gentilly Boulevard and outside the Mystery Street Gate.

Ride-hailing app services, such as Uber and Lyft, provide transportation to and from the Festival.  Contact your preferred company for details about their Jazz Fest pick-up and drop-off points.

Public Transportation

Various public buses and streetcars provide service to and from the Festival.  For details on routes and schedules, contact the Regional Transit Authority at 504-248-3900.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle parking areas are located adjacent to the Gentilly Boulevard and the Sauvage Street Pedestrian entrances.  The bicycle parking areas are staffed by security and festival volunteers and locked overnight in case you need to leave your bike behind. The Festival provides a designated area with racks for securing your bike. You must park your own bike and provide your own bike lock.  Please refrain from locking your bikes on private residential fences.

Services for People With Disabilities

Jazz Fest’s extensive services include accessible parking (a limited number of spaces for sale at the gate for $50 per day); reserved wheelchair seating; reinforced pathways; accessible toilets; and much more.  During the event, the Jazz Fest Access Center is located in front of the Grandstand and offers Festival information in braille, large print and in audible format.  For further information, call (504) 410-6104, email access@nojazzfest.com or got to www.nojazzfest.com and click on “Patrons with Disabilities” under “Info.”

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