‘Jeopardy!’ fans, test your knowledge at this Irish Channel house float

Here’s your clue: This is the creative result of a tribute to an iconic, long-running television game show combined with the spirit of Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Answer: What is a “Jeopardy!” house float?

Homeowners Aaron and Erin Whitely transformed their Irish Channel home into the perfect spot where “Jeopardy!” fans can swing by and test their knowledge.

The house, located at 2371 Chippewa Street, is one of many decorated homes popping up across the Crescent City and joining the Krewe of House Floats this Carnival.

And it’s pretty hard to miss this one. The “Jeopardy!” house float is decorated with those unmistakable, bright blue squares seen on television screens for decades.

Source: Erin Whitely

Erin Whitely said the design is a tribute to legendary game show host Alex Trebek.

Trebek posthumously ended his historic 36-year run as “Jeopardy!” host when his final episode aired on Jan. 8. The long-time host died of pancreatic cancer in November 2020 at age 80.

“Growing up, whenever my husband and I both came home from school, Jeopardy was always the first thing on,” Whitely said. “We’re total nerds, and we love the idea of continuous learning. Alex Trebek will always be a hero to us in that regard.”

Just like the iconic game show, the Whitely’s house float is actually meant to be played, should you accept the challenge.

People can participate in a DIY daily trivia question in one of four categories by scanning a QR code at the house. Players can answer new questions every day up until Mardi Gras, and there’s an archive in case you’ve missed previous days.

“Mardi Gras has always been parading at the next level, and we loved the idea of keeping socially distanced interaction with our house float,” Whitely said.

For those who want to test their knowledge, the homeowners came up with some creative categories.

“In the Channel” features questions about local neighborhood areas you can visit while in quarantine. “Walk It Out” is a trivia tribute to the many walking groups and parades of the city, and “Street Smart” tests your knowledge of the vast folklore and history about New Orleans street names.

“Quarantini” is a category where you guess the cocktail by the recipe. In this category, everyone’s a winner. Players can walk away with a cocktail recipe to make at home, even if they don’t know the answer.

Spectators who drive-thru the Irish Channel neighborhood might notice a lot of television-themed decor. That’s because neighbors in this krewe have taken on the house float theme of “Channel Surfing,” Whitely said.

“People I think are happy to see something, however small in comparison, that honors our beloved Mardi Gras,” Whitely said. “I hope this tradition stays for next year, it’s something so uniquely New Orleans and as usual the community goes all out.”

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