What do you know about the Mardi Gras Indians?

Learn more about this important subculture of Mardi Gras.

The Wild Magnolias Mardi Gras Indians are among the many local “tribes” who participate in Indian masking traditions each year. Big Chief Bo Dollis Jr. says everyone should experience this part of Mardi Gras subculture once in their lifetime.

Looking into this history gives us a glimpse at how the people of New Orleans have overcome adversity since the very founding of their city.

Each year, Mardi Gras Indians undergo the task of beading elaborate costumes and parade during Mardi Gras, St. Joseph’s Day and Super Sunday.

Dollis says the Mardi Gras Indians keep this tradition alive to pay homage to Native Americans for their help when trying to escape slavery.

Our friends at Palmetto Weekend caught up with the group who traveled all the way to South Carolina for a demonstration at their State Fair.

Learn more about Bo Dollis, Jr. and the Wild Magnolias at their Facebook page.

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