Krewe of Krampus parade creeps through Bywater, extends route on Dec. 1

The mischievous Krewe of Krampus will creep through the Bywater with an extended parade route this year. The unique parade full of creepy Christmas characters will kick off at 7 p.m. on Dec. 1.

Photo courtesy: Krewe of Krampus

Parade marchers will adorn horns, fur and bells during the annual holiday parade known as the Krampus NOLAuf. Parade-goers can expect plenty of unique throws including bells, ornaments, Krampus cups and the coveted lumps of coal.

The parade is based on an ancient Alpine tradition called Krampusnacht.

Photo courtesy: Krewe of Krampus

Krampus NOLAuf will extend its Bywater parade route for 2018.

The route starts at the corner of Royal Street and Lesseps Street at Parleaux Beer Lab. The parade will proceed up Royal Street to Independence Street, before making a right turn going up to Burgundy Street. Then, the krewe will turn left and head all the way to Piety Street. The parade will then turn left during the final stretch for a dramatic ending at the corner of Royal Street and Piety Street.

Source: Krewe of Krampus

Onlookers can watch several themed groups of interesting characters stroll during the parade.

A group called Skinz N Bonez kicks off the parade with signature dancing, chanting, and drumming. The Monsters of Xmas is made up of woodland spirits, pagan creatures, and other Christmas demons from cultures around the globe.

After the Monsters pass, you will notice how quiet it gets as the glowing apparitions of the Sisters of Shhh walk by. Quiet and light is forced away as the bells and growls of Krampus bring darkness and steal the night.

Just as Krampus passes, Krampusnacht gives way to St. Nicholas Day. Rejoice if you have made it safe to the end of the parade and feast your eyes on the guardian of the gifts. St. Nicholas, accompanied by the Crescent City Fae, brings blessings to all and wishes all a good night.

Photo courtesy: Krewe of Krampus

An after party takes place after the parade at Bratz Y’all. Tickets to the event are $25, plus fees. Tickets must be bought online in advance.

For more information about the New Orleans Krewe of Krampus, visit the website.