Lakeview couple fills Valentine void with New Orleans-themed candy

A Lakeview couple puts a New Orleans twist on a popular Valentine’s Day candy.

Cherie Melancon Franz and her husband, Arthur jumped on the idea to create NOLA Talks Candy Hearts. It’s a spin on the popular NECCO SweetHearts heart-shaped message candies, but with New Orleans themed-humor.

Source: Thinkerella

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After news broke in late January that the 153-year-old heart-shaped candy by NECCO would be scarce this year, Cherie and Arthur began to bounce ideas back and forth. Things like “Po-boy meets girl,” “Me plus you = my favorite krewe,” “Will you beignet mine,” “504 ever yours” and “I got roux, babe” all came to mind.

So, Franz hopped on a computer, located a company that prints words on food, and now she’s cranking out the heart shaped candies for $5 a bag.

“The first 10,000 sold out in 23 hours,” said Franz of the candies, which she advertises on Facebook.

Franz says it’s been a whirlwind but her husband loves how fast she moves on an idea.

About 20 to 22 candy hearts are packaged in a cellophane bag. The candies can be ordered via Facebook or through the Thinkerella office at 260 Hickory Ave. in Harahan.  Franz owns Thinkerella, an after school and special events business that teaches children about math and science.

After NECCO went out of business in 2018, the company sold its brands to a number of candy companies. So, if you’re a lover of these, the candies will still be around, it’ll just be a little harder to find on the store shelves. Luckily for you, Cherie and Arthur are helping to revive the candy in the New Orleans area. And on an even sweeter note, the candy is available for shipping.

According to, The Times Picayune, Franz has been approached by carnival krewe riders who want to throw them along with schools who want to use them as fundraisers.

With the holiday quickly approaching, be sure to put in an order for your sweetie, and for you too!