Help Cure Your Lent Seafood Cravings with These Local Favorites

The plethora of great seafood options makes it pretty easy to survive Lent in New Orleans. However, the heavy seafood season can bring on some serious cravings. That's why we curated this list of seafood great for getting you through the Lenten season. From boiled crawfish to fried fish, here's a guide to some great mouth-watering local staples so you can get your fix.

Fried Fish

Grabbing a plate of crispy-battered fish during Lent isn’t too hard thanks to several churches and community groups around the New Orleans area. We have a handy list of fish frys happening around the area. However, locals love their fried catfish even outside of “Fish Fry Friday.” We have that covered with a round-up of local restaurants you can count on anytime for a good plate of fried fish.

Photo courtesy: Pixabay

Boiled Crawfish

During crawfish season, there’s nothing like a good crawfish boil and a cold beer. We did some of the heavy lifting and put together a master list of boiled crawfish for every day of the week filled with popular local spots like Zimmer’s, Cajun Seafood and Rouse’s Supermarket. Also, don’t forget about the Crawfish App to help you find the best crawfish prices near your location. Are you planning on hosting your own backyard crawfish boil? If you want to brush up on your skills, we tapped the expert crawfish boilers at Rivershack Tavern for some tips. Plus, learn more about the mudbugs locals seriously crave during Lent. Here are some fun facts about crawfish.


Whether you like them chargrilled, fried or raw, folks can’t get enough of oysters. Their sweet flavor and soft texture have people ordering them by the dozens. So, we cranked out a list of some great spots you can get those delicious bivalves around town. When someone mentions charbroiled oysters, the first thought that usually springs to mind is Drago’s. While the dreadful, long lines signal that Acme Oyster House is probably one of the most famous oyster spots. So, we got a tutorial straight from the master shucker. There are plenty of creative ways to eat oysters, maybe close to a dozen, which makes them a local favorite.

Seafood Po-Boys

“Anybody can make a sandwich, but a po-boy is a sandwich belonging to New Orleans,” according to Justin Kennedy, manager of Parkway Bakery & Tavern. A good shrimp, catfish, oyster or half and half po-boy can cure even the gnarliest of seafood cravings. That’s why we put together this list of great po-boy spots around the area. Food personality Jay Ducote also offers a catfish po-boy a flavorful twist with this molasses mustard fried version.

Seafood Pasta

Sometimes you just need some carbs to go along with that seafood craving. Mardi Gras Pasta is one mouth-watering pasta you can order year-round at Oceana Grill. The dish is made with crawfish tails, shrimp, alfredo sauce and seasonings. The Carnival-inspired dish gives you a festive seafood pasta option. Plus, fans of the Jazz Fest favorite, Crawfish Monica, can get some simple pasta-making tips straight from the experts.

Seafood Gumbo

Regardless of how you like your gumbo, the dish is a typical go-to in local kitchens for something satisfying. However, there are both rules and secrets to crafting the perfect seafood gumbo. We talked to some local cooks who spill their best gumbo-making secrets. You might even get inspired by something new to add to your gumbo pot. Don’t feel like standing over a pot all day? Check out local gumbo hot spots like Dooky Chase’s RestaurantHerbsaint and Restaurant R’evolution. Here are also Chef Folse’s tips for flavorful gumbo.

Fish Tacos

The seafood masters at GW Fins gifted us with a quick demonstration of one of the restaurant’s popular appetizers, Firecracker Tuna Tacos. Try this spicy, flavorful spin on tacos for your next “Taco Tuesday.” Plus, we put together a list of places where you can get some of the best tacos in town.


Whether it’s fried, barbecue-style or dripping from your pasta dish, biting down on some delicious shrimp is highly addictive. If you love BBQ shrimp, many consider Pascal’s Manale the most popular purveyor of the dish. We got our friend Chef John Folse to help us out with a quick demo. Drago’s Seafood Restaurant offers a behind-the-scenes look at their Cajun twist on shrimp, but don’t eat it on Fridays if you’re abstaining from meat. Deanie’s Seafood is probably one of your best bests for the fried variety. If you’re craving some shrimp and grits, this Southern chef offers tips to help you succeed if you want to whip up some at home. If not, you can’t go wrong with options like Surrey’s Cafe and Juice BarAtchafalaya and Mr. B’s Bistro.

Boiled Crabs

From the pot to your plate, feasting on a pot of boiled crab will surely get your seafood craving in check. If you’re hosting your own crab boil soon, we got some down and dirty tips from a Gulf Coast boiling expert. If you want to buy by the pound, you can’t go wrong with any of the seafood spots along the Bucktown area.