Local landmark Circle Food Store makes unique fundraising pitch

Circle Food StoreLocal landmark Circle Food Store penned an open letter via Facebook to offer the New Orleans community a fundraising pitch. The seventh ward store directs the letter to parents, teachers and coaches to discourage one specific method of fundraising  — asking for donations at busy intersections.

Circle Food Store says they want to offer a safer alternative to local youth trying to raise money for their organizations.

“We feel that it definitely takes a village and because of this we at Circle would like to offer a section of our parking lot to organizations trying to raise money for our youth,” Circle Food said via the post.

The store points out a few reasons they want locals to consider the offer: Hazardous busy intersections, dangerous heat conditions and important lessons of hard work.

“We would much rather pay $2 for a brownie, or $10 for a bad car wash that to see any of our kids in danger,” the store says in the post.

Loads of comments follow the post, mostly in support of the store’s suggestion to the community.

“Great idea. Thanks for helping our kids!!! It is such a blessing for every one,” Dornese Rumley commented.

Other Facebook comments also slam the practice of kids asking for donations at busy intersections.

“Finally. Happy to see an honorable solution to what I have long considered an inappropriate way to encourage our children to raise funds,” Cheryle Grace added.

Circle Food Store says organizations interested in using the canopy or a section of the store’s parking lot for fundraising events should speak with a manager to schedule a day.