How This Mardi Gras ‘Bike Zoo’ Brings Life to Carnival

What is the story behind the art bikes roaming the streets of New Orleans during Carnival?

New Orleans is naturally home to a wide array of Carnival celebrations, with krewes and sub-krewes all contributing to the overall madness. But it’s the history and backstory of each organization that can be as entertaining as the celebrations themselves. Take those big, colorful Mardi Gras bicycles … moving pictures of art, but what is the story behind them?

“Kolossos” tackles the story of local legends and influential figures, then typically invests over 100 hours into crafting each of their decorative art bikes.  The end result is the pageantry of some of the best larger floats in New Orleans … except on two wheels.

The Krewe of Kolossos officially rides at three parades this year.  You can take a tour of their “Bike Zoo” here.


Matthew Davis is a Marketing Producer for FOX8.


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