Meet the ‘689 Swampers,’ Lafitte’s version of the 610 Stompers

Photo courtesy: 689 Swampers via Facebook

A new, all-male marching group makes waves this Carnival. Meet the 689 Swampers, a shrimp boot-wearing dance troupe capturing the hearts of parade-goers in Jean Lafitte.

Lafitte’s 689 Swampers debuted their moves at the 2018 Krewe of Rosenthorne Parade in Lafitte, La. Now, the new dance group is gaining a lot of attention from videos posted on social media from Saturday’s parade.

A representative from the group says they quickly made a Facebook page after the huge response and positive reviews from locals.

“Never did we dream to become this big of a hit,” a group representative said in a written statement.

The 689 Swampers’ eight members all have ties to Lafitte, La., and the idea to form the group started in their family’s living room only three weeks before Lafitte’s Rosenthorne Parade.

“We all wanted to give back to our community in the local Rosethorne Parade and knew we needed to bring something to the parade that would get the local crowd more involved and enthused,” a group representative said in a written statement.

The inspiration behind the group’s name, 689 Swampers, was derived from the “689 landlines in Lafitte, Crown Point and Barataria areas.” The title “swampers,” hails from the fact that those areas form a small fishing community along the Intercostal Canal. The group also credits popular New Orleans dance crew the 610 Stompers as a source of inspiration.

Camouflage gear, tasseled white shrimp boots, orange life jackets, mullets and cutoff jeans make it pretty hard not to notice the colorful dance group without wanting to learn more. In true swamper style, the crew announces performances with the blow of a duck call. Their original dance moves were choreographed by a member’s wife — a former New Orleans Honeybee, according to the group representative.

Following the 689 Swampers debut in the Krewe of Rosenthorne, several other parades and charities have requested a performance from the colorful group. The crew says they even hope to expand their eight-member group by hosting tryouts in the future.

“Most importantly we would like to thank the town of Jean Lafitte for letting us perform and celebrate with our favorite community,” a group representative said in a written statement.

Check out this video of the 689 Swampers’ parade moves via their Facebook page:


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