Meet the Chairy Chicks, the North Shore’s sassy new krewe on wheels

Move over, Laissez Boys. A new all-female krewe, called the Chairy Chicks, gets rolling on the North Shore.

Move over, Laissez Boys. A new all-female krewe, called the Chairy Chicks, gets moving on the North Shore with decked-out rolling recliner chairs.

The Chairy Chicks debuted more than 20 female members in Mandeville’s Krewe of Eve and received a great response from crowds. The new krewe will roll again in Mandeville’s Original Krewe of Orpheus parade on Friday, March 1.

Emily Tharp founded the group after being inspired by the Laissez Boys of New Orleans, billed as “the world’s first social aid and leisure club.”

“We’re really excited about all the women that have joined, and they’ve really gotten into it with the theme of their chairs,” Tharp said.

Photo courtesy: Chairy Chicks

Tharp reveals the group’s beginnings all started from her 40th birthday wish. Her husband Hans Tharp, who is also a mechanical engineer, built her first chair as a present.

“He’s just been fabulous throughout this whole process, very supportive,” Tharp said.

Then, local interest from other women in the neighborhood began buzzing.

“That is when I decided that it could really become a possibility for us to have a krewe because we had buzz and interest,” Tharp said.

Photo courtesy: Chairy Chicks

Emily says her dad, who’s a lieutenant in superkrewe Bacchus, was a big influence in her becoming a part of the Mardi Gras world.

It’s actually a whole family of talent working together to create one of Carnival’s best seats. Construction of the chairs can span from three hours to a day, not including the time to add decorations.

Photo courtesy: Chairy Chicks

While Hans uses his engineering expertise for building the chairs, Emily put her graphic design skills to work to create the group’s logo, banner and recliner licences plates.

The logo appears on the krewe’s uniform costume: A pink satin robe. Members embellish their outfits with leggings, wigs and other accessories to go along with their chair’s theme.

Oh, and then there’s the Chairy Poppas, an affectionate name the krewe created for the guys who support the group. Thorpe also designed the logo for the Chairy Poppas’ jackets.

Spectators who head out to see the Chairy Chicks can look for their signature throws –glitter sleep masks, cherry beads and wooden nickels.

Photo courtesy: Chairy Chicks

The krewe says its open to people contacting them and learning more, but they’re still trying to decide their next steps.

“At this time, we’re not really sure how big we want to get,” Tharp said.

For more information about the Chairy Chicks, visit their Facebook page.