Must-see house floats on St. Charles Avenue shine like the superkrewe of ‘Yardi Gras’

Some must-see house floats are along a stretch of St. Charles Avenue. They're sort of the superkrewe of "Yardi Gras."

Cruising the neighborhood takes on a whole new meaning as hundreds of home owners turn their homes into Carnival works of art.

And some of the must-see homes are along a stretch of St. Charles Avenue. They’re sort of the superkrewe of “Yardi Gras.”

“The outpouring of interest has surprised us,” homeowner Frances Fayard said.

You’ll see over-the-top, jaw-dropping decorations.

“I’m truly amazed by the artists that we have in this city who make Mardi Gras so special for us every year,” Fayard said. “And this year, maybe it’s a little different, but still we’re doing our best effort to make it special.”

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One house looks like a scene from “Jurassic Park.” Life-sized dinosaurs with massive beads bathing in purple, green and gold spotlight.

Fayard says it’s the smiles from kids lighting up her heart this season.

“Dinosaurs are amazing animals, and they’re magical just like Mardi Gras,” Fayard said. “So we thought that dinosaurs would really be fun for children.”

Source: NOLA Weekend photo

Right across the street, the mansion known as the “Skeleton House” during Halloween transforms into the “Maison MASKquerade” for Carnival.

“So I came up first with ‘Masquerade’ from ‘Phantom of the Opera,'” homeowner Louellen Berger said. “And from there, the title was easy.”

Berger started thinking even bigger, finding a way to reach those who can’t go in person to see her outdoor display.

“We’re talking about the spirit, and the love and the creativity of New Orleans,” Berger said.

With a little help from a friend, she released a YouTube parody video.

“I hope it kindles, in all the people who view this video, the feeling of being involved in Mardi Gras,” said Steven Blackmon, music director at St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church. “Some people are not going to be comfortable getting out.”

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Source: NOLA Weekend photo

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Even with no parades, artists from Kern studios are making their mark. They added some pizzazz to both homes and a show-stopping circus theme.

“Every kid loves the circus,” homeowner Jennifer Heebe said. “So under the big top, the greatest show on earth kind of fit with the Mardi Gras theme.”

Big cats and giraffes may draw you in, but the homeowner says her view is even better.

“I think the best part of it is just to stand in your front yard and just see all of these kids on their dad’s shoulders, kids in strollers, waving and laughing and taking selfies,” Heebe said.

It’s a three-part act, leading the greatest show on St. Charles Avenue, thanks to a bright idea from the Krewe of House Floats.

“Everybody’s been cooped up and so sad for so long.,” Heebe said. “And to now go down all these streets and just see all of this excitement from kids and families is really why I wanted to participate.”

The city comes together to safely keep a tradition rolling.

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