Strange ghosts: Drinking sailor and sweeping lady haunt the Napoleon House, executive chef says

Stories of paranormal activity haunt this historic restaurant.

The Napoleon House holds a rich 200-year-old history in the French Quarter. Executive chef Chris Montero says the historic restaurant and bar also has some ghost stories.

Montero said there are tales of three ghosts that haunt the Napoleon House. He said a paranormal group even spent the night to detect spirits roaming the historic building.

The most common ghost story is about a little old lady who sweeps on the building’s second floor.

Montero says paranormal investigators also detected a spirit of a young lady in the courtyard who either died precariously or was murdered. The investigators also detected an old sailor who drinks in the downstairs bar late at night.

Montero said he learned of the stories from members of the Impastato family, who owned and operated the building from 1914 to 2015. Prior to the Impastato family, the building was the residence of Nicholas Girod, who was mayor of New Orleans from 1812 to 1815.

The building got its name after Girod offered his residence to Napoleon in 1821 as a refuge during his exile, although Napoleon died before the plan was set in motion.

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