Your New Favorite Dish: Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Twist on Salmon

This delicious, off-menu dish takes seafood to the next level.

If you love seafood, then this new dish at Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Cannon Restaurant and Bar might soon become your favorite. The symphony of flavors that make up Bobby Hebert’s Mustard-Crusted Salmon with Creole Cream Sauce puts an interesting Cajun spin on salmon.

Bobby Hebert’s chef Mario Girard is the cook behind creating this interesting dish. We went behind-the-scenes in the kitchen to see how he makes the Cajun-influenced salmon dish with an 8 oz. North Atlantic Salmon served over mashed potatoes, topped with lump crab and green onions.

There’s even a technique to marinade salmon using mustard that anyone can try at home.

This dish is a special, off-menu item created by the chef, so you have to specifically request it. It’s also only available at the restaurant for a limited time.


Created in partnership with Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Cannon Restaurant & Bar