Here’s a sneak peek of a Hawaiian-inspired seafood dish you can eat at French Quarter Fest

Try this popular shrimp dish at to French Quarter Fest.

Food lovers heading to French Quarter Fest can always dig into new dishes among their iconic favorites. We got a sneak peek of a Hawaiian-inspired option from one vendor, Flamingo A-Go-Go, with a clever name — Shrimp A-Go-Go.

Culinary director Ralph Pausina thinks the new option will play well with festival crowds. Pausina says they chose the Shrimp A-Go-Go dish because it’s already so popular with customers.

“Shrimp overall is just a great selling item. This is such a unique dish, but it’s not scary,” Pausina said.

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The dish tosses fried shrimp in a roasted red pepper aioli and tops them with macadamia nuts,¬†green onions, grilled pineapple and corn salad.¬†Pausina says the dish combines an explosion of flavors and textures — crunchy, salty, sweet and a little spice. The Warehouse District restaurant serves the item on its menu as an appetizer.

In addition to the Shrimp A-Go-Go, priced at $7 at the fest, the restaurant will bring some of their other popular dishes, like garlic parmesan fries.

Flamingo A-Go-Go’s festival location is at the Riverfront-Kohlmeyer Lawn.

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