New Knock Knock Children’s Museum Opens in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – What started as an idea in the kitchen 13 years ago has now come to life in a riot of color and textures with the long-awaited Knock Knock Children’s Museum now overlooking the LSU lakes.

The three-story museum announced its grand opening will be August 22 with a video on Facebook, featuring staff fielding questions from kid reporters.

“It’s bigger and better than anyone’s dreams and we’re just so excited to see the look on every child’s face when they come in,” said the museum’s executive director, Peter Olson.

The museum staff is putting the final touches on 18 exhibits designed for kids ages 0 to 8-years-old. Every exhibit is full of interactive elements to engage kids on every level and to provide teachable moments. For example, the “Crawbaby” section creates a Louisiana swamp for the museum’s youngest visitors, complete with a cave full of catfish, a giant eagle’s nest, and a bateau waiting for a crew.

Other exhibits feature artwork by local painter, Rhea Gary, and a 42-foot-high Storybook Climber designed by world renowned Spencer Luckey.

“You think about the benefits of early education on a child’s development. It’s a crucial investment for a community to have something like the Knock Knock Children’s Museum,” said Olson.

Daily admission will be $14. Family membership for the year starts at $150 and can be purchased here.

With the Knock Knock for All Access Fund, the museum also has a special $3 rate for low-income families with Louisiana Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. The fund is made possible through donations and a grant from the Dodge Family Fund.

Ahead of the grand opening, the museum did a test run with a few families living nearby. That included local mom, Cristina Weinnig, and her young son.

“He gravitated immediately to the nest, the eagle’s nest,” said Weinnig. “There’s not another place like this in the city.”

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