New Orleans’ first beauty and matcha-focused cafe, Drink Beauty, opens on Magazine Street

Some bold new trends for caffeine lovers brew inside a new Uptown coffee house.

Some bold new trends for caffeine lovers brew inside a new Uptown coffee house. Drink Beauty brings the first beauty and matcha-focused cafe to New Orleans at 3424 Magazine Street.

Posted by drinkbeauty_nola on Sunday, August 4, 2019

Stepping inside this new coffee house on Magazine Street feels more like walking on the glamorous set of a photo shoot. At Drink Beauty, caffeine lovers can get their daily dose in a very fashionable setting.

“I think it’s a coffee shop that no one’s seen before,” co-owner Melissa Coleman said.

AND WE’RE OPEN!!!! Ok buckle in for a read. When we decided to open Drink Beauty it was because we wanted to bring the…

Posted by drinkbeauty_nola on Monday, August 5, 2019

Coleman pulled from her retail background for the new concept — a mix of beauty and wellness. That’s why you can even shop for a new lipstick or get a new makeover.

“We’re Southern women, and we’re great with feeling beautiful on the outside and beautiful on the inside,” Coleman said.

Coleman’s business partner, CeCe Colhoun, says that’s not the only thing making this coffee shop unique.

“Drink beauty stands out i think primarily because we are a matcha bar as well as coffee,” Colhoun said. “And matcha is not something that is commonplace in our community as of yet, and we sort of brought that to the market.”

Recent travels during girls trips from coast to coast made Colhoun realize something was missing here at home.

“We were noticing in California and in New York there were a lot of these Instagrammable cafes that are popping up, very popular with more inventive and health driven drinks,” Colhoun said. “We just thought that was something that New Orleans was void of, and we thought it would be an awesome fit.”

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Baristas create specialty lattes with an extra kick of color and health benefits. The menu features a mix of wellness-boosted drinks, along with the typical espresso and brewed coffee drinks served hot or iced.

Specialty drinks include the Purple Rain which includes taro, goji berry, white chocolate and lavender syrup; the Day Dream featuring butterfly pea powder and violet syrup and the Drink Beauty which includes beet root powder and rose.

“I think health is a huge part of beauty,” Colhoun said. “I think that matcha offers that besides being a really delicious drink; it is loaded with antioxidants.”

One of Drink Beauty’s best-selling lattes, Golden Girl Chai, features turmeric, golden chi, peppercorns and maple syrup.

“The reason we put pepper in turmeric is because that’s what activates the antioxidants once it’s in your body,” Colhoun said.

Some of the health benefits of this drink includes reducing inflammation and joint pain, improving memory and brain function, lowering blood sugar levels and antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties.

“Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and it has a very warm and smooth taste,” Colhoun said. “I think that’s part of the reason why it’s our best seller.”

These drinks even come dressed up with words of encouragement, from cute stickers on cups urging you to “suck it up” to coffee art featuring words like “boss.”

It’s the perfect boost to help you seize the day.

Drink Beauty opens daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The coffee shop is also a cash-free business.

For more information about Drink Beauty, visit their Facebook page or Instagram page.