New Orleans ranked best city for barbecue, and Twitter is not having it

Gumbo, po-boys and Creole cuisine are usually some of the top food categories that come to mind when thinking about New Orleans. But can New Orleans claim the title for the best city for barbecue in the nation?

One recent barbecue ranking seems to think so, and folks are up in arms.

(Photo by Whitney Curtis/Invision for Kingsford/AP Images)

Last week, international food magazine Chef’s Pencil released its list of “Top Cities for BBQ in the U.S.,” which seemingly has since disappeared from the website. Thanks to social media, the list still lives on along with an avalanche of criticism about the rankings.

The publication said it used an “analysis of TripAdvisor restaurant reviews” to create the list, which interestingly put New Orleans in the top spot.

Other top cities listed in the ranking included Oklahoma City; Charlotte, North Carolina; Witchita, Kansas; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Columbus, Ohio; Seattle; St. Louis; Miami and Newark, New Jersey.

Yes, you’re reading this right. Several popular spots widely known for barbecue didn’t even make the cut including Memphis, Kansas City, South Carolina or Texas.

The rankings even prompted TripAdvisor to tell USA Today they had “concerns about the use of and presentation of Tripadvisor data within the study.”

Twitter ripped into Chef’s Pencil’s list, where the reactions ranged from agitated to amused.

Houston’s tourism group, Visit Houston, responded with laughter. The city wasn’t listed in the top rankings. In fact, Houston was rated the seventh worst by Chef’s Pencil.


Another Twitter user, who said he lives in New Orleans, also disagreed.

The Chef’s Pencil ranking is also being called a “map of lies” by another user.


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