NOLA No-Call Jazz Funeral and Second-Line set to protest Super Bowl

The NOLA No-Call Jazz Funeral and Second-Line Parade featuring the Storyville Jazz Band is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 3 along the Riverfront.

Photo courtesy: Mark Lagrange

Protesters will gather at the River Walk near the Creole Queen dock area and begin at 10:30 am.

Organizer Paul Galloway says he wants to “help people anchor the moment of letting go.”

A special “interactive ceremony” will take place for 11 a.m. with a symbolic funeral wreath laying with the numeral 1:46, representing the time left on the clock when the “No-Call” occurred.

Fans will also be able to release anger and frustrations by throwing penalty flags and write messages of regret on paper that will be ceremoniously burned later in the day.

The second-line disbands at noon so participants can participate in other boycott activities.

Photo courtesy: Mark Lagrange

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“It strikes me that the feelings of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are the same we feel after we lose a loved on. We get through that loss by memorializing the individual with a funeral,” Galloway said, when asked about the purpose of the funeral and second line.

Galloway continues, “The NFL will not, and to be honest, cannot rectify the injustice done to the New Orleans Saints organization, to the Who Dat Nation and to the Metro New Orleans Area.”

New Orleans Saints fans mean business when it comes to a boycott. It’s no doubt fans still feel “robbed” of the Super Bowl, and they’re not letting it go any time soon.

Organizers of the protest hope fans can take Drew Brees’ advice to channel anger into positive energy, and the second line can help fans channel their anger and move forward.

Check out the schedule below:

Source: Paul Galloway