Oldest Ferrari in the world hits streets of New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) – The first ever Cento Miglia Road Rally race comes to the streets of the French Quarter this weekend.

The race is based on the historic Mille Miglia Rally in Italy and will feature nearly 50 Ferraris and high-end race cars during the event.

Drivers selected for the rally will be required to drive the speed limit in a precision timed event.

“It’s a regularity rally, so we go the speed limits, but it’s a test for the driver and the navigator to find their way around following a guidebook and to do some skill timed and skill events,” Franco Valobra, who organized the event.

The event will feature the oldest Ferrari in existence, which was only the third ever built in 1947 and will be driven by Giordano Mozzi, the most winningest regularity driver in the world.

The best place to watch the cars is in the 300 block of Royal Street in the French Quarter at 10:00 a.m.

The drivers will also race on the Lakefront, City Park, and on River Road as they head to Oak Alley.

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