Only in New Orleans: See the ‘Skeleton House’ on St. Charles Avenue this Halloween

Each Halloween season, the beloved New Orleans' "Skeleton House" draws crowds for the unique display on St. Charles Avenue.

Each Halloween season, the beloved New Orleans’ “Skeleton House,” an Uptown mansion on the corner of St. Charles Avenue and State Street, draws spectators to see some “funny bones.”

Photo courtesy: Frankie Prijatel

Homeowner and creator Louellen Berger pokes fun at trending news topics and pop-culture references with a yard of satirical skeletons to celebrate the spooky season. The Halloween-inspired display is family-friendly and the comical

Photo courtesy: Frankie Prijatel

Berger’s daughter Allison Tiller says visitors can spot dozens of creative skeleton displays on the property, with a handful of new parodies popping up each year.

“Some of the best ideas have come from either people trick-or-treating or just random letters in the mail,” Tiller said.

Some of the skeletons ripped from recent headlines reference the college admissions scandal and the Morning Call and Cafe du Monde beignet battle.

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Photo courtesy: Frankie Prijatel

Saints quarterback Drew Brees even gets immortalized with a skeleton display this year following his recent thumb injury.

The display shows a thumb brace-wearing skeleton dressed in a Brees jersey saying, “Please lend me a hand.” Saints backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is also featured as the “bridge over troubled water” standing behind the Brees skeleton saying, “I’ve got your back.”

Photo courtesy: Frankie Prijatel

Tiller says bus loads of people stop by to take part in the New Orleans Halloween tradition.

“Any other city in the world, this would not happen,” Tiller said. “It’s really for the kid in all of us.”

Louellen Berger’s Skeleton House on St. Charles Avenue and State Street typically goes up at the beginning of October and remains up for display through Halloween.

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