Oreo releasing new Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut flavors in 2020

Oreo announces two new flavors in time for the new year.

The snack brand plans to drop flavors Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut flavors in January 2020. Yep, that means the diet you planned for at the beginning of the year is now out the window.

Source: OREO

The forthcoming Caramel Coconut flavor features a caramel creme with real coconuts bits sandwiched between two classic chocolate cookies. The Chocolate Marshmallow option has two chocolate cookies with pieces of actual marshmallow in them, and the creme is also chocolate marshmallow-flavored. Sounds good yet?

Here’s the announcement OREO released on social media:

This isn’t the first time OREO has incorporated caramel and marshmallow into its famous cookie sandwiches. In 2015, Caramel Apple Oreos hit shelves for a limited time, and two years after the brand released Salted Caramel Oreo Thins. Marshmallow Moon came out this past summer, honoring the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing with a purple marshmallow-flavored creme. OREO has been pretty consistent with dropping new flavors. Just recently, Peppermint Bark cookies for released for the holidays.

No matter the flavor, pass the milk because we’ll be dunking left and right come 2020.

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