Parenting Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Parenting is hard, y’all. When you can’t have a glass of wine and a babysitter, here are some amazing hacks to ease your life.

1. Whip Up a Hammock

Laissez le bon temps rouler with this amazing kid’s under the table hammock hack. Just take a baby wrap or long blanket and wrap it around a table top. Now you have an instant fort/hammock to keep your little one happy for hours (or at least minutes). It’s like your own little oyster trap.

Photo courtesy: Joyful Abode

2. Nasty Toy Patrol

If you have a collection of sticky plastic cars, Legos, or even nasty Mardi Gras beads, do not fret.

Toss them in the washing machine using a mesh bag. You can find one of these at a dollar store.

Here’s the full dirty on how to do this.

Photo courtesy: Gettin’ By

3. Get Your Kids to Bed

These amazing duvet covers may actually get your bleary-eyed babies excited about going to bed. Could it be? Blast them off into space or to princess land.

These are great, but we kind of wish they had a Mardi Gras Indian one.

Astronaut Duvet Cover, $79.99
Princess Duvet Cover, $79.99

4. Fitted Sheet Beach Playpen

Squeezing in a Gulf Shores or Ship Island trip before the season is out? Bring a fitted sheet. You can create a little sand-free fort for the little ones… well mostly sand-free.

Photo courtesy: One Crazy House

5. Sno-ball Slushy Hack

This easy-to-do slushy involves freezing a Capri Sun, cutting of the top and finding a spoon.

Can’t beat that… unless you actually leave for a real sno-ball.

Do what ya wanna.

Photo courtesy: The Girl Inspired

6. Popsicle Drip Prevention Hacks

Popsicles for them… daiquiris for you.

An easy way to prevent sticky drips from your homemade pops is to just mix in some Jell-O. Who knew? Here’s the recipe.

No time to make your own? We’ve got you store-bought mom. Grab some muffin liners at the checkout with your popsicles. Pretty genius, right?

Photo courtesy: Real Simple

7. Slammed Finger Prevention

The only finger pinching moms may approve of is during crawfish season.

To prevent little fingers from getting pinched in doorways, grab a foam noodle from a dollar store. Cut it down, and pop it up on your doors.

Photo courtesy: How Does She

8. Over the Seat Car Activities Hack

To get an unnecessary amount of distractable objects in your child’s reach during a car ride, try using a shoe organizer fixed over your seat-back.

Finally something you can do with all those random Mardi Gras toys.

Thank you, Martha Stewart.

So now when you do have time for a glass of wine, we do have an amazing Frosé or “frozen rosé” you might want to try.
Didn’t know what Frosé was? All the more reason you deserve one.

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