Popeyes testing chocolate-stuffed beignets before nationwide release, report says

One year after Popeyes launched its viral fried chicken sandwich, the fried chicken chain rolls out another new item, this time in the dessert category.

Popeyes is now adding chocolate-stuffed beignets that are fried to order and dusted with powdered sugar, Foodbeast reports.

Source: Popeyes

Currently, the chain is only testing the item at select locations. Reportedly, the beignets have been tracked down on menus at Popeyes restaurants in Massachusetts, Foodbeast says.

Popeyes confirmed to the outlet that the chocolate-stuffed beignets “will eventually get a nationwide release.” So, look out for this New Orleans staple in drive-thrus soon.

“As a brand from New Orleans we are always looking to bring new dishes and desserts from our hometown to the menu, but at this time the beignets are only available at select restaurants,” a representative for Popeyes told Foodbeast.

A menu of a Boston-area Popeyes revealed the beignets will come in a variety of serving sizes: three beignets for $1.99, six for $3.99 and a dozen for $7.49. However, prices could vary by location following a nationwide release.

Historically, the beignet was first brought to New Orleans by French-Creole settlers during the 18th century. Plus, thanks to Cafe du Monde, the iconic French pastry has been woven into the fabric of New Orleans.

So far, there’s no word on exactly when the new item will roll out to other locations nationwide.

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