Popeyes debuts chicken sandwich ugly Christmas sweater

Originally written by Mykal Vincent (WAFB)

For an ugly Christmas sweater, it’s actually quite beautiful. We’re talking about the new Popeyes chicken sandwich-inspired sweater available on UglyChristmasSweater.com.

But just like the popular chicken sandwich, the sweater sold out in less than a day.

The popular Louisiana fried chicken chain claimed world domination this year when it debuted the chicken sandwich. Also, it that infiltrated pop culture and sparked the great chicken sandwich war of 2019.

Christmas list: Popeyes chicken sandwich. End of list.
Christmas list: Popeyes chicken sandwich. End of list. (Source: UglyChristmasSweater.com)

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The knit will run you back $44.95. That’s roughly the price of 14 sandwiches with change for some fries or mashed potatoes. So, we’ll leave the choice up to you – devour the golden, buttermilk, spicy deliciousness or rep it?

The sandwich debuted in August. And it was such a hit, lines from the drive-thru caused traffic problems, hour-long wait times, and even lawsuits. It sold out a couple of times, but that absence only made the hearts of the hungry grow fonder for the fried morsel of god-given goodness nestled ever so perfectly between two beautifully buttered and toasted slices of brioche.

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