Ranch of Horror unleashes zombies at new Halloween attraction in Hammond

A new haunted attraction pops up with thrilling, zombie-themed experiences for the 2018 Halloween season. Ranch of Horror expands its scares to Louisiana and takes over The Party Barn in Hammond, La.

Ranch of Horror unleashes two spooky attractions, Zombies of the Bayou and Zombie Escape, along with a kid-friendly attraction called The Haze Maze.

Photo courtesy: Ranch of Horror

Zombies of the Bayou is “a haunted hayride that explores the dark woods of Louisiana,” according to the website. On the ride, guests will get exposed to “souls who still haunt the grounds” and other creatures, the site says.

Zombie Escape features an interactive paintball escape game while guests try to find the cure to a zombie apocalypse in a fictional town, according to the website. Guests must book a reservation for the Zombie Escape attraction.

The Haze Maze presents alternative for younger children. The Party Barn will also feature an outdoor theater that will show classic Halloween films on select days.

Photo courtesy: Ranch of Horror

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Louisiana haunt director Heather May says Ranch of Horror is a family-run business which initially started as a fundraiser to help an injured family member. May says the business grew into one of California’s largest haunted amusement attractions in just four years.

“This is a big deal because in California you’re competing with Hollywood,” May said.

This year, Ranch of Horror expands its brand to both Louisiana and Missouri.

Ranch of Horror opens every Thursday through Sunday starting on Oct. 4. The site also opens on Oct. 30 to Nov. 3. The attraction initially opened for the Halloween season on Sept. 28.

Ticket prices vary for each haunted attraction. Zombies of the Bayou costs $10, Zombie Escape costs $25 and the kid-friendly Haze Maze costs $5.

The Party Barn is located at 15587 Club Deluxe Road.

For more information about Ranch of Horror, visit the website.