Saints fans! Feed your anger with this new ‘No-Ref’ cookie

A local bakery debuts a special cookie to reflect the feeling of Saints fans around the world.

After the NFC Championship loss to the Los Angeles Ram’s on Jan. 20, Haydel’s Bakery decided to help fans feed their anger for the game, literally!

Check out this round shaped sugar cookie featuring a photo of an NFL ref covered by an icing circle with a line through it.

The "No Ref" Cookies are now available. Feed your anger for the refs of yesterday's game, LITERALLY!

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on Monday, January 21, 2019

The bakery’s Facebook page posted, “The ‘No Ref’ Cookies are now available.”

Some Saints fans praised the bakery under their post saying, “I love you guys!!!! That is one of your best cookies yet!!” However, one Facebook user wasn’t so happy about the cookie asking “How long did it take for the NFL’s attorneys to contact you about copyright infringement? Clever, but not very smart from a legal perspective.”

“We were planning a special Super Bowl edition of our G.O.A.T. cookies, but obviously when the Saints lost, or got robbed rather than lost, our minds turned to ‘What can we do next?” said David Haydel, an owner of the bakery.

The referee featured on the cookie is Bill Vinovich. Vinovich may not be the one who missed the pass interference call but, he was the head guy in charge.

After all, fans need a way to release their anger and what better way to do it, than over food. At least, that’s how we do it in New Orleans!

“I think we may have these no-ref cookies for a while,” said Haydel.

And, while our G.O.A.T Quarterback Drew Brees may have gotten knocked out of the Super Bowl run, he’s still the “greatest of all time” to Saints fans around the world! Haydel’s Bakery says the G.O.A.T. cookies are available for customers by special order.