Santa Tracker 2019: Track Santa’s Christmas Eve sleigh ride with NORAD

Ever wondered exactly where good ole Saint Nick is as you’re awaiting his arrival? Well, thanks to our friends at NORAD, you can find him this Christmas Eve.

Track Santa’s Christmas Eve sleigh ride with NORAD.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command is “a United States and Canada bi-national organization which defends the homeland through aerospace warning, aerospace control, and maritime warning for North America. Aerospace warning includes the monitoring of man-made objects in space, and the detection, validation, and warning of attack against North America whether by aircraft, missiles, or space vehicles, through mutual support arrangements with other commands.”

The Santa Tracker from NORAD’s shows his GPS coordinates as he and his reindeer go country to country delivering gifts and cheer to all the boys and girls! The map truly delights generations of families everywhere.

This year, NORAD has a new and improved website so you can know Santa’s every move.

The 64th iteration of NORAD Tracks Santa kicked off Dec. 1, with a revamped website, social media channels, “Santa Cam” streaming video and a call center that will be operating around the clock on Dec. 24. More than 1,400 volunteers are expected to join NORAD on Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs to help track Santa’s journey.

The NORAD Tracks Santa website can be found at On Dec. 24, users may call or text 1-877-HiNORAD for Santa’s up-to-date location.

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