Wanna dance with these dudes? 689 Swampers dance team hosting auditions on Saturday

If you’ve ever wanted to join a Mardi Gras dance group, an up-and-coming, shrimp boot-loving dance team wants to beef up its squad.

The 689 Swampers dance team will hold auditions on Saturday, Aug. 4 at the Jules Nunez Fishing Pavilion, 920 Jean Lafitte Boulevard, in Lafitte, La.

Photo courtesy: 689 Swampers via Facebook

The group is looking for “professional and reliable talent” to join their team, the 689 Swampers said via a Facebook post.  The 689 Swampers are hoping to fill at least 20 more spots with the goal of participating in more events and bigger parades, a group spokesperson said.

Auditions are open to men ages 21 years and older from the Lafitte, Crown Point and Barataria areas, preferably. The auditions are from 10 a.m. to noon. All registered applicants will be taught a dance routine. Participants are encouraged to bring shrimp boots, but they are not required.

“We are looking forward to marching in the Krewe of Rosethorne and with increased members, have been asked to march in Cleopatra,” a group spokesperson said via e-mail.

Photo courtesy: 689 Swampers via Facebook

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Who exactly are the 689 Swampers? Well, the shrimp boot-wearing dance troupe made a serious splash when they debuted their moves in Jean Lafitte last Carnival.

The dance group gained tons of social media attention and captured the hearts of Lafitte parade-goers when they first stepped on the route earlier this year. The 689 Swampers’ original members all have ties to the Lafitte area. The idea to form the group started in their family’s living room.

If you think the group’s name sounds a little similar to another popular dance group, the group does credit New Orleans dance crew the 610 Stompers as one source of inspiration. However, the group found even more inspiration right in their own community.

The group’s name 689 Swampers, was derived from the “689 landlines in Lafitte, Crown Point and Barataria areas,” according to a group representative. The title “swampers,” hails from the fact that those areas form a small fishing community along the Intercostal Canal.

The 689 Swampers recently performed at the Jean Lafitte Pirogue Races, where they already started to recruit members for auditions. They are looking to perform at more events in the future.

Check out this video of the 689 Swampers performing at the Jean Lafitte pirogue races via their Facebook page:

Camouflage gear, tasseled white shrimp boots, orange life jackets, mullets and cutoff jeans make it pretty hard not to notice the colorful dance group. Plus, in true swamper style, the crew typically announces performances with the blow of a duck call.

For more information about the 689 Swampers, visit their Facebook page.

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