Simplify Your Life with These 10 Local Resources

Let's face it. Sometimes you just don't feel like leaving the house. Nevertheless, the errands on your list don't disappear. You still have to buy groceries, and you have mouths to feed. We found a way you can get these things done without having to leave your humble abode.

Here is a list of unique mobile services to make your life easier.

Grocery Delivery Services

The grocery store can be a daunting place, especially on the weekend when it’s at its busiest. Well, there are a couple of companies in New Orleans that will take care of your shopping needs for you. Robert Fresh Market and Dat Grocery Delivers both offer to shop for your groceries and deliver them to your doorstep. Of course, with Robert, you must shop one of their stores, and for $20 you’ll get next day delivery right to your front door. Dat Grocery Delivers shops locally and charges a fee based on the number of items needed and delivery distance. Photo courtesy: Dat Grocery Delivers

Physician House Calls

When you’re just too sick to go to the doctor’s office, have the doctor come to you. Companies like NOLA Doc offer physician house calls with after hours availability. The certified doctors and nurses provide urgent and primary care to your home, office, hotel room and more. Photo courtesy: NOLA Doc

Mobile Automotive Services

If you don’t want to deal with towing your vehicle or leaving it in the shop for days, then have the mechanic come to you. Companies like Mobile Automotive makes house calls and fixes everything from alternators to water pumps. They charge a fee for the house call, but sometimes it can be cheaper than a tow. Other automotive services that will come to you are car detailing companies and car window tinting. Check the Better Business Bureau for recommended companies.

Food Delivery Services

Remember the days when the only food you could get delivered was pizza and Chinese food. Well, thanks to apps like Uber Eats and Waitr you can order your food from hundreds of different restaurants and have it delivered to your location. There are delivery fees that vary by region, but you’ll know what they are before you place your order. If you’re craving bagels but don’t want to leave the house, then Bagel Boy is your guy. His bagels are made fresh. Whether it’s a sesame bagel or his sweet Oreo bagel, he’ll deliver it to your front door any time of the day. Photo courtesy: Bagel Boy

Ready-Made Meals Delivered

Some people just don’t have time to cook. Others maybe don’t enjoy cooking or want to eat healthier. So, local companies like Clean Creations, Healthy Course MealsYour Nutrition Delivered and Mad Chef are a perfect solution. They have the same basic concept: You pick a meal plan; they prepare it and deliver it. All you have to do is heat and eat. This is a perfect solution for that person that who’s looking to save some time. If you’re looking for someone to cook a candlelight dinner in your home, Mad Chef will do that too. Photo Courtesy: Healthy Course Meals

Fresh Produce Delivery

Hollygrove Market, VEGGI and Grow Dat Youth Farm are local community supported agriculture (CSA) spots, basically urban farms, that deliver freshly grown produce to its customers or members. For $25 per week, you get a box of seasonal, locally-sourced food delivered to your door. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership. It helps the farmers and it feeds you. It’s also a fun challenge to get creative with your cooking. Photo courtesy: Grow Dat Youth Farm

Mobile Spa Services

Get yourself a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. Companies like Spa2Geaux turn your home, office or hotel room into a relaxing oasis. The mobile spa service provides treatments like facials, massages, make-up applications and blowouts. Just pick the day, time, service and place.

Mobile Pet Grooming

If your house is starting to smell more like your pet and less like potpourri, then call in the groomers! Mobile groomers like Muddy Paws and Whiskers on Wheels will come to you with their salon on wheels and get your pet smelling and looking fresh again. Photo courtesy: Muddy Paws

Personal Assistant Services

Ever wish you could have someone organize your closet, manage your estate sale, run your errands and handle almost everything else on your to-do list? Well, The Occasional Wife will take care of all of that and even more. Their goal is to make your life and special occasions stress-free. Some tasks they handle include organizing spaces, managing your daily responsibilities and planning your complex social functions. Photo courtesy: The Occasional Wife

Marriage Proposal Planners

So, you’ve met the love of your life, and now you want to propose. How can you make the moment special? Don’t stress! Let Project Proposal take care of it for you. Want to propose on a gondola in City Park? Maybe a proposal from a candle-lit rooftop downtown is more your style. Would you like to end it with a fireworks show? They can take care of it all. They’ll work with your proposal ideas to personalize your engagement.