Skittles releasing a freeze pop flavor and other limited-edition packs for the summer

Skittles fans now have new delicious ways to taste the rainbow. The popular candy brand releases three new limited-edition packs for the summer, including a freeze pop flavor.

The original Skittles flavor are strawberry, orange, lemon, green apple, and grape. But the new packs — Skittles Imposters, Skittles Freeze Pop, and Skittles Sour Wild Berry — will send your taste buds into a frenzy.

Here’s the break down of the three new flavors, Delish reports:

Skittles Freeze Pop, Dollar General exclusive (2-ounce single packs): The name of this pack speaks for itself. The flavors are typical freeze pops, including blue raspberry, lemon, grape, orange, and strawberry. There are 230 calories per pack.

Source: Mars Wrigley

Skittles Imposters, Walmart exclusive (4-ounce share size and 14-ounce lay down bags): Just an FYI, the flavors don’t match the colors on the outside, so you’ll have to decipher between the tastes. Skittles lovers can expect Alter Ego Orange, Crytic Citrus, Sneaky Strawberry, Undercover Apple, and Raspberry Ruse. The pack is about 110 calories per serving.

Source: Mars Wrigley

Skittles Sour Wild Berry, Dollar General exclusive (12-ounce lay down bags): If you’re a fan of the regular Skittles Wild Berry pack, then you’ll love the sour version. You’re sure to pucker with Sour Berry Punch, Sour Wild Cherry, Sour Melon Berry, and Sour Raspberry flavors. There are 110 calories per serving.

Source: Mars Wrigley

The brand has already starting promoting its new flavors. A tweet was sent out saying, “You never know which you’re going to get. Try Skittles Imposters, exclusively at @Walmart!”

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These new packs are exclusive to select retailers, so make sure to call your local store to see if they are available.

You may want to hurry though and stock up because all three packs are available for a limited time only. For more information, visit the site.