Slidell’s Krewe de Paws 2018: See the cute canine Royal Court rolling this Saturday

The Krewe de Paws of Olde Towne will bring a parade of pups through Slidell on Saturday starting at 10 a.m. The cuddly krewe members will parade under the theme "To the Rescue!" in honor of the "heroes in our lives," according to a release. King Winston Mallard will lead the krewe, while Molly Lassere reigns as queen.

Check out the slideshow to learn more about the 2018 Royal Court. Read what the proud owners have to say about their cute and furry friends parading this weekend.

Photo courtesy: Krewe de Paws

King Winston Mallard

Winston Mallard is a little more than 7-years-old. He’s a Golden Doodle who is a mainstay at Krewe de Paws Parades. Mallard is a therapy dog with Love on a Leash who loves on children at First Baptist CDC, in Northshore Ochsner Pediatrics ICU, adults in Rehab and Lacombe Nursing Home. He listens to children read at Lacombe Library, Abney Elementary and around Slidell and Northshore – mainly because he wants people to know Jesus loves them and so does Winston. Candice and Gene are his proud parents.

Photo courtesy: Krewe de Paws

Duke Nitrox Eilts

Duke Nitrox is a 1-year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever who shares his home with Darrell and Kara Eilts, DVM and his twin brother Scooter. As a son of a veterinarian, he has already saved a couple lives by donating blood.  He is a true superhero!  He also doesn’t mind the “reward” of a few treats after his life-saving duties.  Nitrox loves his tennis balls, and you rarely see him without a toy in his mouth. His favorite past times are eating, sleeping, playing fetch, and hiding treats from his brother.

Photo courtesy: Krewe de Paws

Duke Scooter Eilts

Duke Scooter is a 1-year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever who shares his home with Darrell and Kara Eilts, DVM and his twin brother Nitrox. Scooter loves going to work with his mom at Southern Pearl Veterinary Hospital. He is a true superhero! He has donated blood on a couple occasion to save the lives of other puppies. Scooter loves to run and play. He never gets tired playing fetch or trying to get treats from his brother.

Photo courtesy: Krewe de Paws

Duke Copper Pitts

Duke Copper is a 15-year-old basset hound and feist mix. He loves to run the household with his two cats and new beagle brother, Shiloh, when his humans, Tim and Mary, aren’t home. Copper enjoys long walks, car rides and cold weather. Don’t let his age fool you. The arctic blasts in the last few months brought out his feisty nature. He definitely comes alive in this actual “winter weather” in South Louisiana!

Photo courtesy: Krewe de Paws

Duke Jacque Baldwin

Duke Jacque is a Bichon-Poo (Poochon) who is the proud owner of Bill and Nancy Baldwin. Jacque is a 9-year-old rescue from Picayune Animal Shelter. He is very intelligent, loves children and loves to play with other dogs. Jacque joined Krewe de Paws in 2010.

Photo courtesy: Krewe de Paws

Queen Molly Lassere

Queen Molly is a 6-year-old Dachshund. Actually, when we bought Molly, she was supposed to be a 6-pound to 9-pound mini longhair dachshund. Don’t know what went wrong, but in reality, she is a 22-pound longhair dachshund. Molly never meets a stranger. She loves to interact with all and is very playful and affectionate. She always has time to give kisses. She really appreciates her “dog food” meals and follows that up with a long nap. Molly’s staff is Elizabeth and Richard Lassere.

Photo courtesy: Krewe de Paws

Maid Dottie Creighton

Maid Dottie is a 4 year Chihuahua/Basenji mix. Her daddy, Bruce Creighton, saw her at the Louisiana SPCA shelter as a puppy who looked like a dog he lost to cancer. However, Dottie was scheduled for shipment up North in the cold to a shelter there in the hopes of finding her a forever home. Her daddy pulled a few strings to adopt her and keep her here in the warm South. Boy did she get a surprise this month with snow in Louisiana. She’s a great little dog who loves the doggie park but doesn’t venture more than a few feet from her daddy.  She has a couple of siblings including last year’s King, HRH Parker, a Jack Russell. She plays hard and jumps on Parker so much till he runs away and hides. She also loves to run super fast around the yard with her other sibling, cattle dog Cody.

Photo courtesy: Krewe de Paws

Maid Chaos McKenzie

Maid Chaos is a 9-year-old black Lab. She shares her home with her sister Jazzy. She allows her humans, Darren McKenzie, Tracey McKenzie and Dillon Aumiller, to reside there also. She loves to have her humans throw her orange ball and take her swimming.  Chaos loves to enjoy her snacks from Cafe du Bone and then retire to nap on her human’s bed.

Photo courtesy: Krewe de Paws

Maid Leila Bean Curry-Thompson

Maid Leila Bean is a 6-year-old lab/cocker spaniel mix who was pulled by a rescue group from the St. Martin parish shelter. She is shy and demure, but her favorite activities are wrestling and chasing her sister, Sadie Belle. In her spare time, she enjoys frisbee chasing, play time at Mary’s Bed and Biscuit, long naps and trips to the beach. Leila and her owners, Jenny & Tammy, are honored to be part of the royal court.

Photo courtesy: Krewe de Paws

Maid Minka Mae Thomas

Minka Mae is a playful, affectionate 5-year-old Chinese Crested.  She has a dachshund sister Rosie, a Min Pin brother Ollie, and an African Grey feathered brother Louie. Her proud parents are Mary Cusimano-Thomas and Chad Thomas, owners of Mary’s Bed & Biscuit Pet Grooming and Boarding of Slidell.  Minka loves a high-speed game of chase, squirrel watching on walks, and loves to give tight hugs. She is honored to be a Maid on the Royal Court and is looking forward to giving out treats to all her friends at the parade.

For more information about Krewe de Paws, visit their Facebook page. See the parade route here.

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