Smash therapy: New ‘rage room’ opens in Louisiana

By Shan Bailey, Nola Weekend & Tess Rowland, FOX 8 Intern

“Rage rooms” have been popping up all over the country. The experience lets customers rent a room to destress by smashing and throwing objects in a safe environment. Now, All the Rage brings a new “rage room” to Louisiana.

The new business opened on July 1 in Broussard, La.

The physical and thrilling activity is meant to act as a form of therapy. Think about the times when you have a rough day at work or get in a fight with your significant other. All the Rage provides an option to de-stress any bottled-up anger in your day to day life.

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For increments of 5-minutes, 15-minutes and 30-minutes customers are given sledgehammers, baseball bats or old golf clubs, along with protective gear to destroy dishes, computers or other breakable objects.

Package prices range from $25 to $75 for individuals. There is even a couple’s therapy package so you could share this fulfilling experience with your partner.

The company can also turn rooms into themed environments, maybe even to look like your stressful work office, to help channel your stress. Guests can also opt to “BYOB,” in this case meaning, bring your own breakables, to make the experience even more personal.

If breaking stuff just isn’t your thing “All the Rage” also features a paint splatter room where you can use brushes, squirt bottles, and other items to create art with friends. The adult packages start at $20 a person (10-person minimum) and last for 45 minutes. Kids’ birthday parties start at $175 for 10 people and last an hour and a half. The best part is each guest goes away with an 8×10 canvas.

All the Rage is located at 201 Alberson Parkway in the shopping center.

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