Smile! Cheese! Bribe! How to Take Awesome Back-to-School Photos

Here are some tips for snapping frame-worthy school pictures this year.

Parents looking to snap the perfect back-to-school photos won’t have long until students settle into their routines. Our friends at the New Orleans Moms Blog have great tips for getting a frame-worthy school picture this year.

Back-to-School Photos

Back-to-School time is here, and we’re sending our little ones out the door to meet new friends, high-five old buddies and hopefully learn something! In those first days of school, many parents like to remember the era by snapping annual photos of their littles.

Victoria from VCB Photography and Angelina Vicknair from New Orleans Moms Blog shared some tips with us on how to take the best and most memorable back-to-school photos.

Tips from the Pros!

Time is of the essence. Give yourself 10 to 15 minutes as mornings are usually rushed, particularly when combined with the excitement and nervousness of first days.

Bring them outside for light. Pro tip: The photographer’s back should be to the sun.

Natural light is your friend. If you can’t be outside, try to find a space with as much natural light as possible.

Keep backgrounds in mind. By taking photos in the same place every year, you will see how much they’ve grown using your backdrop (fireplace, front door, etc.) as a guide.

Use props! Monogrammed clothing from Nolafionnah, jazzed-up chalkboards, or pre-printed sheets from Let’s pARTy NOLA allow you to capture memories such as “what I want to be when I grow up.”

Apps can be a great help. If you are more technologically advanced or prefer the digital look, use the app Snapsprout for adorable, customizable “chalkboard” style creations to help create flawless back-to-school images.

Don’t forget the details. Commemorate the Unicorn or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle backpacks, poofy hair bows and plaid jumpers. The day will come where they will be replaced with “cooler” items, so don’t forget to snap photos while the phase lasts!

Don’t Stress

The most important thing you can remember to make your back-to-school photos come out amazing is not to stress. You don’t have to take the perfect photo the first day back!

If you forget, get rushed or everyone is too grumpy, put it off and do it when you can. You can also follow my lead and take the photos the weekend before, or at their desks at school. If all else fails, schedule a back-to-school mini-session with Sweet Honeybee or VCB Photography and leave it up to the pros!



This article was contributed by Tara Rosenkranz, Events Team Lead and Special Projects, at New Orleans Moms Blog. Content for the video was contributed by Angelina Vicknair, Media Relations, at the New Orleans Moms Blog and Victoria Broughton at VCB Photography. Visit the New Orleans Moms Blog for more tips and content created for moms.

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