‘Sneaux Day’ Turns Global Wildlife Center into a Winter Wonderland

A blanket of snow turns Global Wildlife Center into a winter wonderland.

Animals getting their first feed this morning at the wildlife preserve in Folsom, La. also got to experience a weather event that we don’t get to see often. Species of Fallow deer and Sika deer frolicked around during their feed in the snowfall. The site is closed to the public today due to safety concerns.

Global Wildlife Center’s social media coordinator says the site had at least three inches of snow according to the weather report in Folsom, La.

The picturesque video looks like a scene from a holiday postcard or maybe a gathering of “Santa’s reindeer.” The wildlife preserve released the video via its Facebook page.

According to the Facebook post, the Global operations team says they make sure to prepare their animals for these occasional weather events.

Global Wildlife Center is the largest free-roaming wildlife preserve of its kind. The location is home to more than 4,000 exotic, endangered and threatened animals from around the world.

Watch the video below courtesy of Global Wildlife Center:

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