Southern Things We Love: Designing Women

Hey everyone– We’re trying out a new series called Southern Things We Love.  The title hopefully speaks for itself.  We’ll be mentioning places, food, fashion, and pretty much anything else Southern that we are obsessed with.  See what you think!

Southern Things We Love — Julia Sugarbaker

What:  Julia Sugarbaker, Designing Women

Where:  Atlanta, GA


Why We Love Her:

Dixie Carter, a true Southerner born in McLemoresville, Tennessee, played the character of Julia Sugarbaker for 7 seasons.

Molly W:  Julia represents, for me, a strong Southern women who can both embrace her heritage but also recognize its faults. She is a businesswoman and a mother, and while we do not get to watch her raise her son when he is young, we can see that she is a devoted mother. She can also, masterfully, go on one of her tirades but still sound intelligent as well as forceful.

I can remember growing up and begging my parents to let me watch Designing Women, the television show the character of Julia was on.  Much of the context went above my head at the time, but I always loved Julia’s fire and spirit for anything she was passionate about. She was someone I could admire and aspire to be like someday.


What To Look For:

Any episode where Julia goes on a rant.  My favorite episode is the one when Julia berates the current Miss Georgia World for speaking ill of her sister, Suzanne. She ends her tirade by paraphrasing a song saying “and THAT was the night the lights went out in Georgia!”


The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia


Julia also doesn’t like it when people try to exploit history!

The Myth of the Old South


Football is a religion in the South.  And even though I’m a Georgia fan, I won’t hold it against Julia that she cheers for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. (Or, as we call them in my house, the “Bumblebees”)

Football in the South is a Religion


Julia doesn’t even hesitate to put a writer for the NY Times in line when he writes that Southerners have eaten dirt.

Southerners Don’t Eat Dirt- Clarifying Our Food


I love Julia so much, I even have a version of this Sandi Sharpe painting!

I love Julia so much, I even have a version of this Sandi Sharpe painting!


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