Spa Day: My Visit to Belles & Beaux Spa

I could tell this was going to be my new favorite place.

Let me just start by saying: I love going to the spa.

I treat myself to massages and pedicures about once every couple of months, so I actually consider myself somewhat of a spa aficionado. (Let me clarify. When I say “treat myself,” I really mean: I ask for gift certificates for my birthday, so I can feed my spa habit throughout the year.)

Some things that I think make a good spa:

  1. Ambiance — tranquil music playing softly throughout the rooms and hallways, quietness surrounding the treatment rooms and the smells of lavender and citrus permeating the air
  2. Condition of the rooms — quality of the linens on the massage tables, if the tables are heated and the lighting in the rooms
  3. Friendliness and knowledge of the staff — I like my spa to feel like an escape. I like a spa visit to feel like a vacation from everyday life, which is why I find myself migrating to hotel spas.

The problem is hotel spas tend to be too expensive to support my spa addiction, so luckily enough for me, I found a first class spa that offers everything described above at an extremely affordable price!

A few weeks back, a co-worker suggested I visit Belles and Beaux Spa in Metairie.  Being that I live Uptown, I rarely venture to Metairie. However, I trust her opinion, so I thought I would give it a shot.  I booked an aromatherapy massage, a rejuvenating facial and a rejuvenating pedicure.  From the minute I walked into Belles and Beaux, I could tell this was going to be my new favorite place.

The sleek, modern lobby was instantly appealing.

The sleek, modern lobby with its white furniture and nice clean lines was filled with fresh flowers and lovely scents.  I was greeted by the owner, Hai-Vy, a beautiful soft spoken woman with a pleasant persona.  She offered me water, green tea or champagne before heading to the treatment room.  I’m not one to turn down champagne but figured I’d save this for later. I was eager to get my treatment started.  Hai-Vy led me upstairs to the treatment rooms. On the way up, I began to hear the sweet sounds of meditation music, and I could smell the lavender in the air.  Ahhhh. I’m home.

I was led into a changing room where I put on a nice robe, slippers and placed my belongings in a locker.  Once I stepped out I was greeted by Teka who would be my masseuse for the next 30 minutes.  She brought me to a perfectly, dimly lit massage room that had an ideal feel.  The linens were nice, the table was heated and Teka was very pleasant.  She gave me an excellent massage making sure I was comfortable along the way.

Belles & Beaux Massage Room
Ahhhh…I’m home. The massage room was ideal.

Next up was my rejuvenating facial which was given by Yasmin.  I rarely treat myself to facials, but the crow’s feet that are starting to populate my eye area have me thinking I should have started this a few years back.  The facial was very relaxing and provided an excellent education in proper skin care treatments.  I hate to admit this, but my skin care regimen consists of facial cleansing wipes and warm water so I had a lot of questions for Yasmin and she answered every one with perfect expertise.  I even purchased the at-home skin care package she recommended for me.

Finally, it was time for my pedicure.  Hien was my nail technician. Just like the other spa employees, she was pleasant and friendly.  Hai-Vy brought me a lovely cup of green tea to sip on while Hien went to work on my toes.  (The champagne was discouraged at this point since the body releases toxins after the massage – note to self, champagne first, tea last.)  The pedicure consisted of a scrub, masque, massage and of course, a trim and polish.

Belles & Beaux Spa Green Tea
Hai-Vy brought me a lovely cup of green tea to sip on during my pedicure.

This spa has me rethinking my stance on hotel spas.  This place is just as nice, if not nicer and is way more affordable than those other spas.

Now that I found Belles and Beaux, I can turn my bi-monthly addiction into a monthly one.  Come on birthday month…momma needs a hot stone massage!


If you plan to book a spa visit, here are a few tips:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early.
  • If booking multiple treatments, schedule your pedicure last so your polish doesn’t get messed up.
  • Weekends get booked up the fastest, so plan ahead if you want to schedule a weekend treatment.


Rachel Sigur is Director of Production at Fox 8 WVUE and a frequent traveler.  She also now highly recommends Belles & Beaux Spa.

This post was created in partnership with Belles & Beaux Spa.


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