Starburst’s new heart-shaped jellybeans already hitting stores for Valentine’s Day

Starburst fans can already grab a bag of heart-shaped jellybeans, already making their way to candy aisles ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Source: Target

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly!

That last sentence doesn’t work unless you’ve read it like the lyrics from Destiny’s Child’s hit “Bootylicious.”

But in this case, we’re referring to newly released heart-shaped jellybeans from Starburst!

Now that Christmas is over, we can focus on the next major holiday — Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Starburst, we can transition into a lovey-dovey mood with its newest addition.

The heart-shaped jellybeans are red and pink, with red being cherry-flavored and pink being strawberry.

The Instagram account Candy Hunting posted about seeing the new item.

“Christmas is over, so on to the next food holiday! Found these new Starburst Heart Shaped Jellybeans at Rite-Aid,” the Instagram post said.

Starburst has long made jellybeans, but it appears this is the first time they’re releasing these exact ones for Valentine’s Day.

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So far, there is an online listing for them at Target, so you might be able to find them in store. The 11 oz. candy bag sells for $3.59 according to Target’s website.

Look out for the red and pink goodies the next time you go to your local supermarket.