Stay Style Savvy: 6 Fall Fashion Trends

If you're looking to update your look, take notice of these fall fashion trends. "We're seeing a lot of great colors and fabrics emerge this fall," Laura Gurievsky, fashion expert at The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk said.

Colors like berry, navy and green are all on-trend this season. Textured fabrics like suede, velvet and even fur are making big comebacks this fall. Gurievsky told us the overall looks are casual-chic, which means high boots with skinny jeans and flowy, feminine tops with pretty chokers. This great combination of stylish and practical is flattering for nearly everyone. Check out all these on-trend, statement-making pieces you can find at Nordstrom Rack.

Flowy Tops in Berry Colors

Berry colors are huge this fall.  The typical fall palette is filled with heavier tones like blacks, browns and charcoals, so berry colors are refreshing.


Cut Out Shoulder

Also sometimes called a cold shoulder, the cut-out shoulder look really takes off this season, particularly with sweaters and sweater dresses. You can pair these with skinny jeans or with leggings and boots for a great fall look.

Skinny Jeans

This is the must-have fall staple.  Skinny jeans now come in variety of cuts to complement all women.  You can find them in high-waisted, which is great for taller women, and low cut for shorter women. The skinny jean trend may have been around for a while. However, this year they are paired with the flowy tops, which give great balance to the entire look.

Suede Boots

Both suede and velvet are the really big fabrics coming out this season. When it comes to boots, suede is definitely the hot look. Tall boots in colors like dark green and navy go perfectly with skinny jeans. You can also dress them up with tights or leggings.


Quite possibly the accessory of the season, the choker makes a big comeback. The look this fall is metallic, so think lots of gold and silver. Chokers make a statement with pendants or some added flair as well. This accessory pairs perfectly with the flowy top/skinny jeans look.

Boho Bags

Boho bags are our favorites this fall, and they come in many pretty colors.  Soft leathers and wide straps make them functional. Plus, boho bags are a great accessory to complete a whole look. These bags are also big enough to hold a lot of stuff, making them especially great for daytime.