Step by Step: How to Plan the Ultimate Friendsgiving

Do you count your closest friends as family? Then you should thank them by putting on a Friendsgiving dinner. A Friendsgiving dinner is a Thanksgiving dinner without the family, and that means no awkward family small talk. If you don’t know how to pull this off, we have you covered. We made a step by step list of all you’ll need to create the perfect Friendsgiving.

Nominate a Party Planner

Any good dinner party has a planner, so the first step is to get a coordinator. This person knows your group of friends best – and who to count on for what. Ideally, this person is probably pretty A Type.

Create a Guest List

If you’re planning to throw the get-together on Thanksgiving Day, make sure you know which friends will be in town. Throwing it a little before the big day may allow for more attendance. Things to think about when deciding your list: Who can cook? Who will be fun to be around? Who will be in town?

Pick a Host

Apartments can be cramped, so knowing where to hold your Friendsgiving is critical. Try drawing straws or just picking the person with the nicest/most spacious dining area.
As a general rule of thumb, the Host should make sure dishes are clean, seasonings are available and the space is available all day for set-up and clean-up. They also prepare the turkey – but that’s it. You don’t want to overwhelm them with all the other dishes.

Figure Out the Food

This is for everyone! This sounds easy, but if you aren’t careful you’ll have six dishes of dressing and no macaroni and cheese. This is where the coordinator uses their power and assigns jobs/dishes among the group. Hey – if your friends are all culinary wizards then you’re in for a treat.  Things to think about when deciding the dinner: dietary restrictions, food the whole group likes and variety (again – six dishes of dressing). Leave the more difficult dishes to the better cooks.

Don't Forget to Decorate

Listen, we’re not talking HGTV Extreme Dinner Table Makeovers here, but that little extra effort will go a long way to your Friendsgiving vibe. Maybe it’s just a cornucopia with a few leaves from outside or – if you’re extra – everything you can buy from the dollar section at Target.

Bring Your iPod

If you’re the DJ, you can’t just bring an iPod – you need to bring the tunes as well. Music will enhance the whole environment, so play songs that make the whole group get up and dance. This is the perfect time to make the night unique to your friend group. If that is too much to worry about, then Pandora, Apple Music or Spotify will surely have a playlist ready for you.

Talk About What You're Thankful For

Talk from the heart and share how you appreciate your friends. Don’t talk for too long, but make sure you address everyone in the room, all the good time you’ve shared and how you wouldn’t have it any other way. This is what Friendsgiving is really about!

Feel free it customize this list to your group. Remember: spending time with the people you love is what makes any celebration perfect!